The $60 trillion+ opportunity

Traditional financial service infrastructure can’t support HNWIs*—and the private wealth management firms advising them—when they want to leverage the potential of crypto wealth management.

*HNWIs defined. High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) are individuals (and families) with more than $1M USD in liquidity. Often, this demographic are the earliest adopters of new asset classes.

Today’s challenges

  • Access to crypto
  • Persistent data-breach risks
  • Costly high-touch process
  • High compliance costs
  • Inconsistent reporting standards
  • Crypto-currencies market cap
  • HNWIs total global net worth

The smartest way to invest

 — The world’s first crypto wealth management platform provides HNWIs with a full suite of solutions for accessing crypto with traditional assets.

  • mMarket | Sell crypto-backed funds

    Buy and sell digital assets on the only global marketplace for more than 200,000 HNWIs.

  • mTokenize | Tokenize your assets

    Turn illiquid assets—such as your real estate holdings—into liquid digital assets through s4ization.

  • mLoan | Borrow crypto against any asset

    Borrow in crypto against any of your existing assets—from Art to Zero-coupon bonds.

  • mReport | Full visibility into your assets

    Accurately track current and historical asset performance.

  • mID | World-class security without the cost

    Access wealth management without the traditional costs of compliance or the privacy risks.

  • mRisk | The new global standard for risk

    Confidently assess asset risk with decentralized risk indicators for increased transparency.

Micai mobile app preview
Meeting of Micai Experts

Why MiCai?

Proven expertise — As the first robo-advisor in China, MiCai offers reliable, trusted fintech—as well as traditional wealth management.

  • Managing more than 200,000 of the world's HNWIs since 2013
  • $30B USD assets under management via China’s top 10 wealth management firms
AI-powered, Blockchain-based — The
MiCai protocol is an open-source API built on
the NEM Blockchain, so it’s highly efficient
and protected by the latest cryptography.
Powered by AI, MiCai’s engines continuously
deliver data-driven insights so HNWIs get the
most out of their crypto-investments.
Our Existing Clients
Logos of Micai's existing clients
  • Financial planning engine

    Create financial plans and portfolios individualized to your HNWIs.

  • Portfolio engine

    China’s first robo-advisor, the MiCai Portfolio Engine provides the main portfolio analytics and feeds into mReport.

  • Risk Engine

    Continuously monitor risk and stress-test each portfolio.

Our Token Sale

MIC is the building block of the MiCai ecosystem, providing participants with platform access and usage rights.

  • MIC Token
  • Sale
  • Use of
  • Bonus
  • Token Buyer
  • Token
To learn more about MiCoin and the MiCai protocol, please read our white paper
Shadow of the Micai payment card
Micai payment card
Micai consultant

Roadmap 2018

  • Q1
    Milestone 1
    First Application mID
  • Q2
    Milestone 2
    Frequent Deployment
    mID & mReport
  • Q3
    Milestone 3
    First Application mTokenize
    mRisk & Risk Engine
  • Q4
    Milestone 4
    First Application
    mLoan & mMarket


An exceptional team of wealth management veterans, technology experts and knowledgeable advisors with proven experience.

  • Team Members
  • Advisors
  • Gregory Van den Bergh
    Chief Executive Officer

    The inventor of China’s first robo-advisor system, Gregory worked at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management and for MAN-GLG, one of the largest hedge funds in the world. Greg graduated from Oxford University, studied at Harvard and has an MBA from the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.

  • Julian Hernandez

    Formerly the acting Head Wealth Management at CreditEase, Eagle built out CreditEase to China’s number two private wealth management company in three years, managing 1800 wealth managers. He spent nine years at Standard Chartered China, building out Standard Chartered into a top-three foreign private wealth management firm in China. Eagle previously worked four years at the headquarters of Agricultural Bank of China, one of China’s largest state owned banks. Eagle graduated from Peking University.

  • Paula Mitchell
    Head of Engineer

    With 10 years of experience in the Internet industry, he has participated in the design of advertising system, recommendation system, and machine learning platform of the world’s largest Chinese search engine. He once founded a machine learning platform company as the technology partner and the company serves several information companies, software distribution companies and vertical e-commerce platforms.

  • Fiona Guo
    Head of human capital

    Guo Qian, graduated from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, has 10 years of experience in human resources management, including recruitment, performance, employer branding, employee relations, and process management. In September, 2014, she joined Bankorus as the director of human resources, responsible for the human resources work of the company, establishing recruitment standards and procedures and setting up technical, design and market teams.

  • Suzanne Deckers

    He has 10 years of experience in data analysis and modeling, previously worked in an important research institutes in China and completed a number of major research projects. He has mastered various data analysis methods and is familiar with machine learning theory. He has expertise in investment studies and financial markets, and has extensive asset allocation and investment strategy research experience.

  • Frederic Anderson
    AQR Director

    She owns 10+ years hands-on experiences in UX field in various industries experiences including e-commence, social-media and WM firm. 6+ years UX in digital innovation cross B2B, B2C and C2C. 5+ years experiences on global product developments for marketplaces including American, Europe, Japan, India, China and other emerging markets. Define the vision for developing, communicating, and implementing the directed work user experience. Create storyboards, wireframes, visual mockups, and click-throughs prototypes.

    Van den Bergh
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MIC Token Economics

The MIC network is a business model that provides two crypto-economic mechanisms to create value for investors:

  • Bonds
    Bonds can be purchased with MIC delivering a return upon expiration. Also, by reducing the number of MIC out of the circulating supply, the value of MIC remaining in supply will 10% increase.
  • Distribution
    of fees
    To conduct transaction on mMarket, a small amount of MIC will have to be paid as a fee. A proportion of this fee will be redistributed among the owners of MIC.
Sale Details
  • Accepted Payments
  • Soft Cap
  • Hard Cap
  • Total Token Supply
    1 000 000 000 tokens
  • Token Price
    0.1 USD
  • Minimum Purchase
    USD 25 000 for pre-sale / USD 500 for public sale
  • Token Distribution
    After all sales are completed
  • Token Activation
    After all sales are completed

* Any remaining tokens from token sale will be burned.

To learn more about MIC and the MiCai protocol, please read our whitepaper.

Use of Proceeds

The aim for our token sale is to develop the MiCai ecosystem and help finance ongoing advancements for the protocol.

  • Indirect Cost
  • Team
  • Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Legal Service
  • Operation Expense
  • Global Expansion
  • Community Incentive
  • Early Buyer Incentive
  • The more you purchase, the more everyone benefits. Our goal with the token sale is to get MIC into the hands of as many developers and companies as possible.

    • MIC Soft Cap activates 5% bonus for everyone
    • MIC Boost activates 7.5% bonus for everyone
    • MIC Accelerator activates 10% bonus for everyone
    • MIC Hard Cap activates 12.5% bonus for everyone
    Community Incentive histogram
  • To incentivize investors to support our ICO early, we are offering the following bonus token incentives:

    Early Buyer Incentive
Token Buyer Benefits
Token buyer benefits table
Token Allocation
  • Advisors and community initiatives
  • Liquidity and market making
  • Team and early backers
  • Private presale investors
  • Pre-sale investors
  • Public sale investors
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